Ultimate Systems

These tools are the best on the market, we've created this unique set of tools to analyze every aspect of an asset to give us the most practical data and clear investing or trading signals, you'll be able to use these tools and automate them into your own data sources as well as adjust them to your preferred assets.


SkyNet in the Terminator is a force to be reckoned with. While the movie version sought to control humanity, our SkyNet takes charge of the financial world. With its advanced algorithms and predictive power, it's as if the Terminator's AI has taken over the market, reshaping it according to its will. Traders beware, for in this digital domain, SkyNet reigns supreme, predicting trends with the precision of a cyborg assassin and leaving conventional trading strategies in the dust."

Elder Titan SkyNet

Elder Titan SkyNet is a sophisticated analytical tool tailored for the modern cryptocurrency trader. This powerhouse aggregates the insights of 20 critical trading indicators, delivering a comprehensive asset scoring system to your fingertips. Designed to sift through over 300 cryptocurrencies, it distills complex market data into actionable intelligence, enabling you to make well-informed decisions swiftly. Whether you are looking to optimize your investment portfolio or spot the next big trading opportunity, Elder Titan SkyNet equips you with the data-driven edge needed to thrive in the dynamic crypto markets. Its adaptability ensures that once integrated into your strategy, it will continually evolve with your trading journey. Discover the optimal asset through a lens of precision and depth with Elder Titan SkyNet, your ally in navigating the cryptocurrency landscape.

Trend Blaster Elite

Trend Blaster Elite is an advanced technical analysis tool designed to provide comprehensive insights into market trends and potential trading opportunities. This indicator combines a variety of metrics to assess trend direction, strength, and likelihood of reversal. By analyzing standard deviation, trend direction, trend strength, trend reversal probability, relative strength, Rate of Change (RoC), volume, and sentiment trend, Trend Blaster Elite offers traders a holistic view of market dynamics.

Major Analysis

Major Analysis by DCAquant emerges as an elite, all-encompassing market analysis tool designed for the astute trader who demands a deeper dive into the major cryptocurrencies.

This innovative tool excels by providing not just trend analysis but also valuation scores that reflect the current phase of the overall market cycle and Major Assets such as BTC and ETH.

Unveiling the essence of market valuation with precision, Major Analysis deciphers the cycles of each significant asset, offering a clear-cut valuation score that aids in identifying prime entry and exit points. By integrating trend direction and market sentiment analysis, it extends beyond mere numbers to offer a narrative of the market's overall movement.

The tool's capability to dissect and interpret the complex interplay of market indicators makes it an indispensable part of a trader’s arsenal. Whether you're mapping out long-term strategies or making swift, tactical trades, Major Analysis provides the strategic insight necessary to gauge the true value of major market players within the current cycle.

Elevate your trading acumen with the Major Analysis tool, and navigate the major markets with unmatched expertise and foresight.